The dynamic practice of Vinyasa Yoga can be a key element to finding balance in your life. Yoga found me in 1996, and I have seen a magical transformation in my physical, mental, and spiritual well being.
In recognizing the body / mind / spirit connection, Yoga opens practitioner’s bodies with centuries old postures (asanas), utilizes breath as a life providing source, and creates the space for the liberation of spirit.

Please find about my approach to Yoga by reading below.  You can also listen & watch as I give a 10 minute talk on Svadyaya; Study of the Self:

I practice and teach four ‘styles’ of Yoga all cultivating a unique connection:

Mindful Spirited Vinyasa where the attention to the physiology of the poses meets the energetic awakening. The mindfulness of the practice creates the space for postural integrity and structural organization of the body to cultivate a deeper presence and inner power. All the while, an inner peace brought about through rhythmic conscious breath and an opening up to divine interconnectedness emerges. Each unique class has elements of Vinyasa flow with intelligent sequencing and a full spectrum of poses for all levels. As we move through the practice, there are challenges and rests and opportunities to keep ‘checking in’ on the the connections while ultimately, we establish new connections with the inherent inner teacher.

AcroYoga is a practice of connection, trust and communication between humans and supports the healing of the planet one relationship at a time.

Green Yoga is a journey and process of connection to the planet, cosmos and non-human beings we share the Earth with.

Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of Devotion… where we can open our hearts and minds to the divine wonderment of the Universe and do the best we can with what we have available to surrender to God’s will while keeping our focus and attention on personal and spiritual evolution.  My Bhakti practice takes form mostly in the singing of Kirtan and mantra and also helps me in many other ways on my path.

These four types of Yoga can support connection to the the Divine, the Self, Other Humans and the Planet and complement each other for those seeking a rich and joyful human experience.

Please join me for a yoga retreat, a studio class or consider a series of private yoga lessons and treat yourself to the gift of Yoga.


While you read a bit, please have a listen to a beautiful mantra I sing with my beloved co-teacher / wife. There are a few songs around the site for you to enjoy while you look around:


Find a partner!!  Ask them to comfortably lie on the ground and share with them this gift:

Check out David playing ‘Om Namo Bhagavate’ from The Global Bhakti Project CD in 6 locations with many great musicians!


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