Water Module / Immersion & Training – EarthYoga in Palma de Mallorca

The 5 Elements Module Training is a Series of Week Long Immersions designed for all levels & varieties of students.  They can be part of a growing education for yoga teachers and those wishing to teach or just an amazing week of deep study for students of yoga who do not wish to teach at all!

The intention of these courses is to offer students wishing a deeper knowledge of Yoga as well as current teachers an opportunity to grow in their teaching path in an easier format then a one month intensive course.  These Modules will go deeper into the integration of the various yogic aspects of the elements into our practice and life.  For those who are already teaching, these modules will develop new consciousness to educate your teaching.

We hope develop a deeper awareness of the forces of nature and their relationships to a variety of yogic practices, body parts, concepts and ideas.

Each Module is a 100 hr. Certified Yoga Alliance Course.

These modules are not a substitute for a Level I Teacher Training whose focus is to create dynamic and confident teachers.  We encourage students who wish to become teachers to explore other Level I Teacher Training Programs to learn the basics of Yoga Philosophy, The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Basic Anatomy and Teaching. 





The second element module will bring a new understanding of fluidity, graceful movement and personal transformation related to Water… Anatomically in the lower belly and respiratory system… Related to the Goddess and Reproduction… Energetically in Swadhistana Chakra… Yoga sequences of twists and digestive health are the asana focuses. 

Twisting Poses / Side Bends / Fluid Vinyasa


Hip and Spine / Respiratory System


Swadisthana Chakra


Rhythmic Pranayamas


Practices / Excercises for Surrendering and Letting Go of Attachments


Stories and Mantras of The Goddesses

The investment for this week is €850 for the course only UNTIL Sept. 14

This is a non-residential course without housing or meals.  We have connections for you in Palma for shared housing (see HOUSING below).  When you register for the course, we will add you to an email list to communicate with other students for apartment sharing.



We are very happy to host our course work at EarthYoga in Santa Catalina.  Here is the address so you may look on a map.

EARTH YOGA – c/ St. Magi 81A   –  Palma de Mallorca

Please do not contact the studio with questions regarding this course.  David and Mirjam are the main contacts for all questions.

The studio will act as our home base for morning asana practice and most of our lecture sessions.  The studio is equipped with blocks, bolsters and belts for all students.  We encourage you to bring you own yoga mat.

There is a changing area at the studio as well as a shower.

There is no food provided at this training.  Santa Catalina has wonderful markets and restaurants near to the Yoga studio and several parks near by for pic-nic and prepared lunch / dinner.  



There are several options for housing at the 5 Elements Trainings.

If you have your own connections and places to stay, please be certain that you are close enough to the Santa Catalina neighborhood to be on time for early morning classes and able to safely return home at night (after 9PM).

We have connections for short-term rental apartments that can hold anywhere from a single person to four people together ranging from €30 – 40 per day for the entire flat (this price can be divided by as many people stay there).  These are the recommended options for trainees and sharing the rooms with other participants is a great way to experience the course and the growth that will come with it.  All apartments by our recommended renting agents will have fully functioning kitchens and bathrooms and are well maintained by the ownership.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR HOUSING ISSUES.  All contracts and housing agreements are between you and the renting agent and are separate from the price of the course. All apartment rentals must be regarded as independent transactions outside the scope of participating in the program.

This is our best connection… and she is aware of our course so please mention us when you make contact:

Daniela Felix  danielas.felix@terra.es :  She has many great options at good prices for weekly rental apartments.  Speaks English, German and Spanish

Here is a big list of hotel & hostal suggestions:


We suggest:

Terramar:   Plaça Mediterrània, 8
07014 Palma (Mallorca)            971 739 931

Hostal Bonany:  http://www.hostalbonany.com/

Hostal Ritzi:   http://www.hostalritzi.com/
Calle Apuntadores 6                        Tel +34  971 714 610



You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from:

Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 




You are responsible for your own transport from the airport to your accommodation and each day to the training and back to your ‘home’.

From the airport, you can take the public bus (Line 1) to Plaça España and switch to any bus on the island.  Taxi service from the airport to the city center will average €20 – 25 with luggage.

There bus system in Palma is efficient and easy to use with many busses passing close to Santa Catalina.




Saturday November 10, 2012

We will have a casual dinner meeting for those that wish (non-compulsory… only those that wish) on Saturday evening as our welcome to the island at approximately 19h.  Details will be sent to all participants.

Sunday November 11, 2012

7AM at EarthYoga for Asana Practice is the first official class



Saturday November 17,   2012

The official ending will be the conclusion of the afternoon session at approximately 14:30h.  There will be an optional lunch for those who wish.



Training Specifics

General Schedule (subject to change)

Sunday November 10 through Saturday November 17
7:00 – 9:30
– AM Practice at EARTH YOGA

9:30 – 12:30 – Break

12:30 – 4:30  – Lecture / Class Time at EARTH YOGA


-additional programs-

Tuesday November 13 & Thursday November 15
20:00 – 21:30 –
Evening Asana Practice at EARTH YOGA

Wednesday November 14
12:30 – 18:30
– Special Program (not at EarthYoga)

Friday November 16
18:30 – 20:30
– Public Asana Class at EARTH YOGA
20:30 – 22:00 – Public Kirtan at EARTH YOGA


During this course, there will also be homework assignments to be handed in as well as required personal reflection and self-study time.  The schedule is quite full and we suggest you come to the island to focus on the Yoga course and not to make your holiday / beach / party time plans during this week.  We encourage you to take time before or after the course if you wish to enjoy the attractions of Mallorca.